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Terms of Service

Terms of Service


These Terms of Use describe the terms and conditions under which t3ellem provides a content creation and hosting service on its website , (hereinafter referred to as "website"). As used in these "Terms of Use" and "User Charter", "we" and "our" refer to t3ellem and t3ellem.

Access to this site is subject to compliance with these Terms of Use. Anyone wishing to access it must have read these Terms of Use, the User Charter, the Privacy Policy and the Legal Notice, and undertake to comply with them without reservation.


t3ellem provides an online hosting platform for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), open and massive online courses created by higher education institutions, research organizations and t3ellem partners in Algeria. By registering for an online course on the site , you join a global community of learners. T3ellem's ambition is to provide access to the best training of higher education and its partners, whatever your geographical location.

By registering on the site , you accept, without restriction or reservation, the general conditions of use, the user charter and the privacy policy. All access and / or use of the site is subject to compliance with all terms of the general conditions of use, the user charter and the privacy policy without restriction or reservation.

If you do not understand these terms or do not wish to be legally bound to them, we invite you not to use the t3ellem website,

t3ellem therefore reserves the right to refuse access or exclude, without prejudice to any damage and interest to the user and without prior notice, any user who does not respect the terms of use, the user charter and the privacy policy, and also to remove any contribution or comment especially in case of violation under Algerian law, as well as in case of a claim by a third party.

t3ellem reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice the terms and conditions of use, the user charter and the privacy policy and legal notices. Any changes will be immediately reflected on this page. The update date will be mentioned. You are therefore invited to regularly check their latest updated version. The use of the website is subject to an explicit agreement.

Rules of conduct of the user

As a user of the site , you are responsible for your publications and the use you make of the site. Publications include all content items submitted, published, or posted on the site by you or other users. By content elements, we mean texts, photos, videos, discussions in the context of interaction spaces (forum, wiki, social networks), work submitted during homework (peer evaluation in particular). In general, t3ellem reminds you that t3ellem does not guarantee the truthfulness, completeness, completeness or accuracy of comments posted via the site by other users.

You acknowledge that you will use the site in accordance with these terms and conditions of use, the user charter and the privacy policy.

t3ellem recalls that it is strictly forbidden to carry out any act of cybercrime: namely offenses against the confidentiality, integrity and availability of access, contents / data and computer systems of the site , without this list be exhaustive.

You agree to comply with the rules of IT ethics and in particular not to intentionally carry out operations that could result in:

  • Impersonate others;
  • Appropriate the password of another user;
  • Modify or destroy information that does not belong to you;
  • Access information belonging to other users without their permission;
  • Sign in or try to sign into an account without permission;
  • Let someone use your username and / or password;
  • Divert one of the features of the site from its normal use;
  • Damage, decommission, overload or damage the server or the network.

This list may be completed in compliance with current legal and regulatory provisions.

You further agree not to attempt to gain unauthorized access to the site, nor to collect without authorization information stored on the Site, its servers or associated computers by any means not intentionally made available by the site.

In addition, you agree to comply with the legal and regulatory provisions in force. It is therefore strictly forbidden to keep:

  • racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, homophobic, negationist, pornographic, pedophile, child pornography;
  • abusive, defamatory, or invasive language, and more generally, the rights of the personality of anyone;
  • remarks that offend human dignity;
  • statements encouraging violence, suicide, terrorism, the use, manufacture or distribution of illicit substances;
  • remarks inciting or justifying crimes or offenses, and in particular crimes against humanity;
  • to infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties (including texts, photographs) or the image rights of people (publication of the photograph of a person without authorization) for which you do not have the authorizations necessary of the authors and / or assigns;
  • to intentionally publish false, erroneous or misleading content;
  • publish content promoting for-profit services.

This list may be completed in compliance with current legal and regulatory provisions.

The site contains information made available by users or hypertext links to other sites that are not published by t3ellem but provided or offered by third parties. The content made available on the site is provided for information only. The existence of a link from the site to an external site does not constitute a validation of the external site or its contents. It is up to you to exploit this information with discernment and critical thinking. The reasonableness or timeliness, accuracy or completeness of the content of this information is not verified by t3ellem. In this context, t3ellem expressly disclaims any liability.

You also agree to:

  • Respect the intellectual property rights related to the contents diffused on the site , as well as the rights of intellectual property of the thirds according to the conditions of use specific to each course proposed on the site ;
  • Respect the privacy of other users and, more generally, not violate their rights;
  • Do not infringe on the confidentiality and security of personal data concerning users of the site ;
  • Do not collect user information in any way, including their e-mail addresses, without their consent.
  • Do not cheat to improve your results;
  • Do not improve or degrade the results of others;
  • Do not publish answers to exercises used as a mode assessment of learners.

In the event of a breach by one of the aforementioned rules, t3ellem reserves the right to block access to all or part of the services of the site , temporarily or permanently, without any compensation and notification. to the user.

t3ellem also reserves the right to withdraw all or part of the content, information and data of any kind, that the user has posted on the site.

Using the user account

In order to fully participate in the activities offered by the site , you must provide a full name, username, email address and password in order to create a user account. When you install your account, you may need to give additional optional information.

You are solely responsible for keeping your identifiers and passwords confidential and inaccessible. In case of loss or theft of these, or in the event that you believe that a third party has accessed your profile, you agree to inform t3ellem via the contact page of the site:

You agree to provide accurate information that corresponds to your current situation. You also agree to update your information.

You also agree not to create a false identity that may mislead anyone.

t3ellem is committed to ensuring the confidentiality and security of your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Rules of use of the contents diffused on the site

The contents (texts, courses, photographs, videos, etc.) distributed on the site can only be used for strictly personal purposes.

Unless the conditions of use of online courses provide otherwise, you are prohibited from reproducing and / or using the trademarks and logos on the site , and from modifying, assembling, decompiling, assigning, licensing, transferring , copy, translate, reproduce, sell, publish, exploit and distribute in any format, all or part of the information, text, photos, images, videos and data on this site. The violation of these mandatory provisions subjects you, and all persons responsible, to the criminal and civil penalties provided for by Algerian law.

Rules for the use of content broadcast on online courses hosted by t3ellem

You agree to respect the conditions of use specific to each online course hosted on the site . These conditions are defined for each course and are available on the presentation page of each course.

These conditions are specified when you register for an online course hosted on the site . In the absence of details when registering for an online course, you can only use the content for private purposes and must obtain the prior permission of the authors and mention them.

Rules for the use of the content that you broadcast in the online courses hosted by t3ellem to which you are registered

Before broadcasting content, you make sure that you have the necessary authorizations concerning the copyrights or other intellectual property rights that may be attached to your contribution and / or comment, in particular through their reproduction and dissemination on the site . In particular, you ensure the respect of the rights of third parties (copyright, trademark law, personality law).

When you broadcast content in online courses, you authorize the reproduction and dissemination of these contents, for the whole world, in the context of online courses only unless the conditions of use of these courses otherwise provide.

Use of trademarks and logos

Brands and associated logos, present on the site are protected. They therefore belong exclusively to the issuing bodies. You may not use any of these signs or their variant without the prior consent of such organizations.


User responsibility

All the hardware and software needed to access and use the site is your responsibility. You are therefore responsible for the proper functioning of your equipment and its internet access. You are required to take all the necessary preventive measures for the protection of its data, software and / or computer systems to guard against the contamination of possible viruses.

The use of the content made available through the site is your sole responsibility. The facts or acts that you would have to perform in consideration of this information can not engage any other responsibility than yours. Access to the content made available on the site is your responsibility and t3ellem can not be held responsible for any damage or loss of data that may result from the downloading or use of the content posted on the site.

You are solely responsible for t3ellem and any third party, any damage, direct or indirect, of any nature whatsoever, caused by any content, whatever its nature, communicated, transmitted or transmitted. disseminated by you, through the site , as well as for any violation of these terms and conditions of use, the user charter and the privacy policy.

Responsibility of t3ellem

The site is in principle accessible 24 / 24h, 7 / 7d, except interruption, programmed or not, for the purposes of its maintenance or case of force majeure. Being in fact subject to an obligation of means, t3ellem can not be held responsible for any damage, whatever its nature, resulting from unavailability of the site.

t3ellem implements all reasonable means at its disposal to ensure quality access for its users, but is under no obligation to do so.

t3ellem can not, moreover, be held responsible for any malfunction of the network or the servers or any other event beyond the reasonable control, which would prevent or degrade its access.

t3ellem reserves the right to interrupt, temporarily suspend or modify without prior notice access to all or part of its site, in order to maintain it, or for any other reason, without interrupting entitles you to no obligation or compensation.

Except where t3ellem has been duly informed of the existence of unlawful content within the meaning of the legislation in force, and has not acted promptly to remove it, t3ellem can not be held responsible for the dissemination of such content. content.

t3ellem is not responsible for the content provided by the institutions in the online courses hosted on the site.

In any case, the responsibility of t3ellem can also be sought during the relationship that may exist between users and online courses hosted by t3ellem.


Unless expressly stated otherwise, any notification sent to t3ellem must be sent via the contact page:

Any notification that is intended for you will be sent in principle by e-mail to the address that you communicated on the site during your registration where the need to enter a valid email address.

User Charter

By registering on the site, you join a global community of learners. T3ellem's ambition is to provide access to the best courses in higher education, whatever your geographical location.

Recommendations to users

Unless otherwise instructed by the course teacher, you are encouraged to:

  • Participate in all activities of a course: reading videos, exercises, homework and practical work;
  • Discuss with other learners the general concepts and resources of each course using the collaborative tools provided;
  • Propose ideas and possibly propose the documents you can develop to other learners for comment;
  • Make sure the full name is the one you want to appear on your certificates and certificates (*);
  • Make sure your username is chosen carefully because it is not editable - as it will be visible to other participants, it recommends that it does not reflect your real name.

User commitments

In addition to the rules of conduct specified in the Terms of Use, and the Privacy Policy, you agree to:

  • Do not cheat to improve your results;
  • Do not improve or degrade the results of others;
  • Not to publish the answers to the exercises taken into account in the final evaluation of the students;
  • Respect the intellectual property rights granted by the license of use attached to each online course on the site (see conditions of use specified on the page of presentation / inscription of each course);
  • Give access to the teaching staff to your data collected on the site for the needs of the course.

(*) Note: once the certificates and / or certifications are edited, there will be no possibility to change the full name on this document.

October 15, 2017