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From the idea to the project

To be effective, vocational training must adapt to the constraints of workers, who do not always have the time or the means to move to follow a curriculum at a school. Training must also adapt to the needs of companies, often reluctant to dedicate time to training conducted outside their premises.

In this equation, the new information technologies in their ability to relocate activities, can be of great help, provided to provide content at the height of demand

Thus was born the idea to offer professionals in Algeria, training 100% online, thanks to the format of massive open courses (mooc and spoc), and made in partnership with professionals from the world of training.

Launched in August 2017 by IGPRO, an IT engineering services company specializing in the integration of open source solutions, the platform aims to be open to the world of vocational training by offering more courses in different areas.

Our mission

  • Provide workers with an online skills tool.
  • Assist companies in training their employees.
  • Participate in the dissemination of professional knowledge in Algeria.

Make the difference

  • Trainings made by professionals, in partnership with approved schools.
  • Language used simple and accessible to the greatest number.
  • 100% online course with possible Certification.